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The studio and Me! A History

My photography really started in 1974 with study at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, as it was known then, pursuing the technical photography course and gaining a Diploma of Applied Science in Photographic Technology.   After qualifying, I stayed in Melbourne for a few years, working at the Royal Children's Hospital, University of Melbourne and then into a commercial studio.  It was then to Mildura where the rest has happened. 

The Studio was started in June of 1982 and throughout those years, have encountered many different challenges.    In 1984, the largest roller transport print processor in North West Victoria along with transparency film processing was introduced ... both of which do not operate any more because of the change in technology, and also because those days, the focus was on advertising and tourism.   But the studio was very orientated to Family Portraiture and along those lines of personal portraiture including High Fashion Glamour.

In 1996, although still doing photography of families and other portraiture, I changed direction for a while to pursue moving pictures, a dream that I had had for a long long time.  Through video I was able to travel extensively and see technology of an era of the past and pursue the questions that were always on my mind - how did it take so long to get to where we are today.

Through this pursuit, a very extensive library of video programs of over 60 were created show casing some of the most interesting and rare items that are in Australia as well as New Zealand.  You can see these programs in the Heritage Video Range.

In 2006 I swung back into photography full burst and although the studio is based in Mildura, most of my year was spent on the road doing what I love best.  Travelling and photographing children.  This has happened through the Pride of the Nation fundraiser for the Bonnie Babes Foundation.  Children truly are our future and it amazes me how much warmth they have.  I feel that I am privileged to be asked by so many to photograph their children and equally, to be invited into your home where I can create some of the most exquisite, exclusive photography I feel that people will ever have the opportunity to possess.

In doing so, it continues to light my passion for creating this imagery and I look forward to the next day when I can pick up the camera to capture the sweetness, the naughtiness - the spirit of a child.

But it isn't just with children!  Anyone and everyone.  From birth, first communion, debutante, engagements, wedding, family or one of our special portrait sessions, you will love what can be done for you.

Now that my association with Pride of the Nation has finished, more interesting and challenging ventures now await.  Some will involve travel but mostly, it is with portraiture here in Mildura ... but there will still be lots happening out there across Australia.

So please enjoy what I share with you here online and I hope that you will choose to allow me to create some of the most magical images of your family, your children, or maybe you, that you are ever likely to own.

I look forward to helping you have what you would love to own in photography.

Gregory Williams




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