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Bit tied up with other commitments this year to do what


Kids Down Under charity photobook.


Another big year on the road with Pride of the Nation - the fundraiser book for the Bonnie Babes Foundation travelling through  WA, QLD, NSW, VIC AND SA.

Lots of fun out there meeting so many wonderful people.  It really was a joy and a privilege to go out to many remote regions photographing children for the Pride of the Nation Project which was in support of the Bonnie Babes Foundation.  All that is now finished as the Pride of the Nation book isn't happening anymore so new ventures this year.

Something new will be happening so you will need to check back on occasion to see what it will be and when it will start.

However, in the meantime, go to our Contacts Page and put in your details, and request information when we might be in your area in 2011 and we can let you know what and where and so on.

2010 was a huge year!  So here is to a great 2011.  


First up in February will be Tasmania, so people in Tasmania need to get on board now to be a part of it as we will only have time for one trip to the Island.  February for Tasmania, as you know, is an ideal time of the year, not too hot and not too cold and generally offers nice weather all round for outdoor shoots.

March will be the south coast of New South Wales at Bega and up to Sydney and out through the Blue Mountains as well as to the South Coast of Victoria and lower South Australia.

April upper coast of New South Wales, and out into the outback including Lightning Ridge, Bourke, Cobar and Broken Hill.

June/July Central New South Wales and then Queensland through to Mt Isa and the middle regions of Queensland

July/August Western Australia.  From Kalgoorlie, to the west coast and up to Broome, to Katherine in the Northern Territory, down to Alice to Port Augusta and who knows.

Book closes 30th August 2009.  From that date on, children will go into the following years book.

As we come to you, you have the opportunity to have portraiture in those local spots that make up a part of your life.   Through the use of specialized photography and treatments, all our portraits have that unique feel to them and you will have a masterpiece that you will be proud to own and display in your home.

Come and be a part of this wonderful coffee table book which is raising valuable funds for the Bonnie Babes Foundation.  As you can see, no matter where you live, you can be a part of it.

2008 was a big year - it was HUGE!  Travelling almost all over Australia covering nearly 50,000 kilometres and over 180 portrait sessions.  This gave many families in rural parts of Australia the opportunity to have environmental portraiture which is generally not available to them.

Here is the map of our travels in 2008.  In 2009, we will follow a similar route as 2008 as well as covering the central parts of Australia including outback SA, NT and Qld.  This will be a great opportunity for those of you who live in the more remote outback areas to join in and be a part of this exciting project.


In the course of these trips, the opportunity to see the vast outdoors is wonderful, although not enough time to enjoy it.  Here is a slide show showing some of the wildflowers and the some of the really interesting entry signs to towns along the way in the Around Australia trip in 2008.

Runs for 4 Minutes 13 seconds.  Enjoy!  





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