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Unique Faerie Photography

Where Magic Happens

Tell us your town and we can arrange for our Faerie set to come to your town or a town near you!

Yes, certainly Imagine ... a portrait such as this on the wall in your home of a member of your family that you love dearly.

This is all possible, so please read on, have a look at photos and get a feel of what we can do for you.  Of course, if there is something that you have in mind and nothing here appears to address that, then please call and have a chat with us, and we will be more than happy to see if that type of portrait or presentation is possible.   Please feel free to call us - there is no obligation and yes we will tell you all the pricing so there are no shocks - we are open to tell you, we just need to know what you would like to have.

As you can see, this studio works all over Australia, coming to certain areas only once, Melbourne though we are there on a regular basis.  So all or any of the types and styles of portraiture available in Mildura is available pretty much anywhere.  Just tell us your ideas and can plan to make it all happen for you.

Please phone the studio on 0408 596 654 to find out when we are most likely to be visiting your area.  We can then help you plan for your photography to make it just what you want to have.  Also, you can mention it to your friends and they too, may like the option of having a family portrait made in their environment as the portraits that are created really do have a personal meaning.  This is one of the unique aspects of our studio with our environmental portraiture in coming to you.

FAMILY PORTRAITURE - On location or in the studio


Check out this little cutie on her parent's property!  This is actually set up as a 10 x 10 coffee table album.  Lovely presentation and great to give to grandparents.





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Our Studio is right across Australia

Check out where we travel every year to do our photography.  We might be coming into your back yard!

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